Download the jailbreak for free for iPhone

Download the jailbreak for free for iPhone


 Jailbreak;  It is a program that frees theiPhone from the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer, after downloading the jailbreak, your device is able to do things that it could not do before, such as downloading third-party applications and modifying some of the settings that were previously restricted.

  How is it done

  Download jailbreak for free on the iPhone?

 We will explain that in this article

 Download the free jailbreak for iPhone

 First of all, we must mention that this guide does not guarantee the definite success of downloading the jailbreak. When dealing with a process like jailbreaking, there is always a slight chance that something will go wrong, but downloading the jailbreak from the Pangu site that we cover in this article is very easy and must be done in a manner.  good.

 Back up data

 It is best to back up your data before downloading the jailbreak to avoid losing it. This can be done wirelessly using iCloud or iTunes, which automatically back up data every time you log in to them from your device, or you can manually copy your data onto your computer.

 system update

 To start the jailbreak, you must download the latest version of the iOS operating system. You can use iTunes to update the system or you can update it directly from Settings (Settings, General, Software Update).

 Once you connect your device to iTunes, it will prompt you to update the iOS system and run it on your device, if you haven't already jailbroken your device, the update process will go through without any problems.

 But if you previously downloaded the jailbreak, the system will fail to complete the update process and will switch to recovery mode, don't worry!  All you have to do is allow iTunes to run the recovery and once done, the device will be reset to factory settings.

 Either way, you should connect your device to Wi-Fi and enter your Apple ID and whatever asks for it, and never sync it.  You can skip these for now and come back to them later, now be sure to return to the Home screen before proceeding.

 Start downloading the jailbreak

 First, for more safety, restart your device before you start, then visit Pangu8's Jailbreak page that recommends a Ziyu Jailbreak repo that you can download according to the following method:

 1. Download zJailbreak, but watch out!  You should open this link on the iPhone, not the computer, as it will not work on the computer.

 2. Head over to Ziyu's page and download the installation package.

 3. Open the Ziyu app and browse the Jailbreak Repo menu.

 4. Press the Copy button on one of the compatible repos, you can choose Cydia which is the most popular one.

 5. Go back to the Ziyu app and click extract repo, paste the link you copied into the text box and hit the extract button.

 When finished, the application will be installed, and you can now use it to install other jailbreak applications.

 Recover your data

 Once the jailbreak is finished downloading, your data should be restored again.


 If this is the first time that you have jailbroken your device, you will not need to restore the data because your device will save all your data during the jailbreak process.

 But if you previously downloaded the jailbreak, it will be necessary to recover the data because you have previously performed a recovery to complete the device update, just connect your device again to iTunes and he will take care of the rest.

 When the restore process is finished, iTunes should have put the apps, music, photos, and data back in their proper place.

 Is the jailbreak safe?

 Although downloading the jailbreak enables us to download many helpful third-party software, it may have some disadvantages, including:

 Jailbroken devices often suffer from instability issues

 Since jailbreak app developers are not obligated to follow Apple's memory and CPU usage guidelines, some jailbreaking apps can lead to shorter battery life, slow performance and lots of random reboots.

 Jailbreaking invalidates the iPhone's warranty

 Apple does not provide support for jailbroken iPhones, so your warranty will be revoked if Apple detects that you have jailbroken your phone, and this is a real problem, especially if you encounter a problem that requires Apple service.

 May be booked outside of the App Store and other services

 Although Apple has not taken any action against jailbreakers until this point, it can do so as Sony did with people who hacked into PS3 systems, reserving PS3 jailbreakers outside the PlayStation Network and its services.

 Your phone becomes vulnerable to viruses and malware

 Apple security administrators only review codecs for iTunes apps, so you should look for apps whose developers monitor their code for potential vulnerabilities.

 Also, some programmers may develop malware and spyware disguised as legitimate applications. 3

 Is jailbreaking legal?

 Whether the jailbreak is downloaded for free or paid, definitely not.  In its latest update, Apple has warned users not to download the jailbreak on their phones, and the company said that any form of hacking or modification of phones without a license is a violation of the final user license agreement for iOS.

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