How to format your android Phone without any software


How to format your android Phone without any software

hello friends today I'm going to show

you how to restore your phone

that means formatting your data you can

see that this is the already used and

custom use and there is a lot of

features ok firstly I am just turn off

your mobile

shut it down


then it's already shut it down okay if

you want to format your or restore your

data you can use your phone volume up

key and power button and the home button

both rebuttal tricky you just put in

once and just press long key for minimum

ten fifteen to twenty second

okay I'm just pressed three-button long


yeah responding

then release


just you just you can see here a lot of

message a lot of program you can you

just use your volume up and down key and

just yeah the third one

there's the wipe data and restore

factory then if you select the the

restore factory select your menu then

click on it okay

than down from here

then select okay

yes there is in all the data from your



now it's a format all the data then you

just are select here the reboot reboot

option and click on OK from power button

okay they just wait for it it's opening

let's take two maybe fuming few second

and just open on it

it's required time for because the phone

will be fully clear and it's from neat

and clean and you can use your software

newly and the full performance will be


it's taken too long time

yes you can see the phone is perfectly

format all data then you can just start

in here there is no sim card but you can

use your without SIM card and you can

use your Wi-Fi ok just select your date

then just click on and I understand yes


if you want to add your Google account

for Play Store if you don't then you can

skip it

not now

there is another serv)ice




there is your new phone and it's from

new and fresh thank you for watching

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